It takes a lot of money to continue to keep the doors open for the historic Daly Mansion.

Please consider making an automatic monthly donation. If someone says, "how about giving $100?", you might think 'that's a lot of money'. However, if someone says,"how about donating $8 a month?", you could think, 'sure, I could do that'.
That's what I have done. I don't really even miss it, it's such a small amount each month. But, if one adds up all of those 'small amounts' each month, it can really make a difference to the Mansion.

However, any donation amount is greatly appreciated.

(as a reminder, you do not need to have a PayPal account to make a donation)
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The Mansion is a state-owned property managed by the
Daly Mansion Preservation Trust in partnership with
The University of Montana. The Mansion is ADA-compliant.

The DMPT is a 501C3 organization