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Daly Mansion Giving

You may think that because of the legacy of Copper King Marcus Daly the Mansion does not need support from from the public; that surely his descendants have the wherewithal to maintain this stately residence on their own..
However, this is not the case. Did you know that -

o the state of Montana owns the Daly Mansion? 
o it is adminstered through the University of Montana?
o the Daly Mansion Preservation Trust does not receive regular funding from either institution?
o it costs $28,000 a year just in utility bills?

While we are not saving starving children or caring for abused animals, nonetheless we believe we are doing something pretty darn important, namely helping preserve our history and historic structures.
We don't embrace the "out with old, in with the new" way of doing business. Without preserving and honoring our past, our shared heritage can easily fade away.

Won't you help us in our goal of preserving not only local history, but also something that is important to all of Montana?

If you have thought about giving to help preserve the Mansion, now would be an excellent time!
These are the way you can be a benefactor:
Contact Information

    Daly Mansion
    PO Box 223
    Hamilton, MT 59840
    Phone: (406) 363-6004
    Fax: (406) 375-0048
For more information call: 406-363-6004 ext. 2#
The Mansion is a state-owned property managed by the
Daly Mansion Preservation Trust in partnership with
The University of Montana.

The DMPT is a 501C3 organization






Daly Club
         $1 A Day        
We will soon be publishing our revised rewards for giving at different levels. Of course, if you would rather your entire donation goes to helping keep the Daly Mansion open, you can donate now!

Thanks very much for your support of the historic Daly Mansion