Historic Preservation at the Daly Mansion

Since 2004, the Daly Mansion Preservation Trust has raised $1.34 million in federal funding for historic preservation of the Mansion, part of which came from the Save America's Treasures Grant program, which is in danger of being cut by the current administration. If you love our cultural heritage and want to see preservation and restoration supported, speak out about it - to your congressmen and women, stop this trend!

The Trust has also raised an incredible $772,000 in donations from private individuals and foundations over this period to fund the restoration of the Mansion. It has been a miraculous recovery for this jewel of Montana history.

See below for the stunning examples of where we started and how far we have come.
Historic Preservation

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The Mansion is a state-owned property managed by the Daly Mansion Preservation Trust in partnership with The University of Montana
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