Mrs. Daly had a butler, whose name was Cutler. Cutler and his wife Catherine, traveled to and from New York with Mrs. Daly. Mrs. Daly helped the Boy Scouts financially, allowing them to build the first scout camp in the Skalkaho area. She donated land for the Library to be built, and in memory of her husband, built the Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital. She purchased and donated organs for both the Episcopal churches in Hamilton and Anaconda. In her will, she bequeathed funds to support the MD Hospital. She loved roses and her preference in jewelry was for pearls. Her jewelry was valued at $54,000 when she died. She was partial to mahogany furniture and her china included such names as; Royal Daulton, Royal Copenhagen, Limoges, Minton and Dresden. Mrs. Daly died at her summer home, "Riverside" on July 14, 1941. Services were held at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Hamilton, and another service was held in New York at St. Thomas' Episcopal Church. Burial was at the Greenwood Cemetary in Brooklyn at the Daly mausoleum.
Margaret Price Daly, was born September 7, 1853 to Zenas and Margaret Holmes Evans, in Quaker City, Ohio. Margaret was one of seven children. Four of her sisters were: Miriam (married to J. Ross Clark, brother of William Clark, Marcus Daly's arch enemy), Mrs. James Shields, Mrs. Joseph Lewis, Martha (Hattie) Evans; and a brother David. The family moved west sometime between 1860 and 1870. A widow for more than 40 years, Margaret continued to spend time in the Bitterroot Valley, arriving in the spring and leaving in the fall. Her family and friends were frequent visitors. Margaret took an active part in the operations of the Bitterroot Stock Farm. She hired dependable and capable employees. Margaret enjoyed entertaining at her residence called "Riverside". Dinners at the Mansion were always formal and after the evening meals, coffee was served on the sun porch. Mrs. Daly would gather the children around her just before bedtime and read stories to them in the sitting room.
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Margaret Daly