While Daly lived, 1200 head of horses were kept on the Bitterroot Stock Farm.  His favorite thoroughbred, Tammany, was foaled in Tennessee in 1889. Marcus bought him in 1891 for $2,500. In 1893 there was a rivalry going on between Tammany and the favorite horse of the East, Lamplighter. A race was set up for the two horses in Guttenberg, New Jersey. Daly had said, "If Tammany beats Lamplighter, I'll build him a castle." Tammany won by 4 lengths. His "castle" is located on a hill about a mile east of Hamilton. The castle also housed Daly's other famous thoroughbred stallions; Hamburg, Inverness, The Pepper and Ogden. Two flags flew on top of the castle, one the American Flag, and the other a flag of Copper and Green, Daly's racing colors.
Tammany Castle