Interior weddings are available between the third week of November throughout March. Some dates may not be available due to other events held at the Mansion.

Non-flash photography by guests is allowed inside the Mansion.

Professional photography may use lighting as needed.

The north lane is an emergency lane with no parking - strictly enforced.

Parking areas to be arranged on a case by case basis.

The Mansion will be decorated for the holiday season between the third week of November & January.  Holiday decorations cannot be altered.


o $350.00 - For Day of Event - Four-hour rental includes, Living room,
       Reception Hall and/or Trophy Room of the Mansion. $175 down to
       save date.  Full payment (nonrefundable) is required one month in
       advance of wedding date.
o Bride/Groom ready rooms available at additional cost of $25
o $200.00 - Security Deposit is required 1 month before wedding.
       (Refundable if all conditions met)
o Event must take place within 4 hours of time.  Any additional hours will
        be billed at $20.00 per hour. Event is restricted to 40 people or less.           If there are any additional guests over the 40-person limit, $25 per
        person will be charged.

Mansion Obligations:

o The Mansion will be clean and needed chairs set up on the day of the
o Museum exhibit items will be stored away to the fullest extent possible
      during event. 
o Mansion staff will be available to allow access to the house at a
      reserved time agreed upon by both the Mansion staff and the wedding
o The Mansion staff will inspect the property as soon as possible after
      the wedding.  If any major cleaning is necessary or damage found, the
      Mansion will notify the renter of additional charges. 
o    The Mansion will return any unused portion of the
      security deposit with a written account of expenditures.
o The Mansion is not responsible for items left on the property post
o Public Restrooms in parking lot will be open

Wedding Party Obligations:

o Wedding party is responsible for the removal of any personal items
      after wedding.
o Renter agrees to indemnify and hold the Mansion harmless for any
      injury to any occupant of the Mansion during the event.  
o If any damage is incurred to the Mansion, its contents, or the grounds
      during occupancy that exceed the security deposit, the renter is and
      agrees to be liable for said damages and further agrees to pay any
      costs of repair and all other associated costs and expenses for
o Please remind your guests that this is an historic museum and treat it
      as such.  The home and contents are irreplaceable.
o To protect the interior integrity of the Mansion, aerosol sprays may only
      be used in bathrooms with door shut.

A more intimate wedding at the Daly Mansion